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Serving New Mexico for 90 years

Hodges Oil Company moved into new offices at 201 West Reinken Avenue, in Belen,  New Mexico. We have a vastly improved inventory of lubricants and easy pickup from the warehouse at the rear of the building.


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New Offices

 Hodges Oil Company offices, 201 West Reinken Avenue Belen, New Mexico USA

Hodges Oil Company Operators and Benny Hodges President and CEO of Hodges Oil Company

Hodges Oil Company

For customers that require small deliveries or have access problems to delivery sites, our fleet includes these vehicles.

Bulk Plant

Benny Hodges at the Hodges Oil Company bulk plant.

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Established 1923

Come by our new offices, see Dianne, Alex or Mary Ellen to open an account or pick up lubricants.
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About Us


Brief History of Hodges Oil Company, Inc.


In the Beginning:

The history of Hodges Oil Company began in Belen, NM and dates back to 1923, when the current owner’s (Benny Hodges) maternal grandfather, D.F. (Frank) Trainer, was appointed as a consignee for Continental Oil Company (Conoco).  He served as a commissioned agent until 1946.  “My grandfather was also a ‘big’ equipment operator, and later became the foreman for the State of New Mexico, State Highway Department here in Belen, until his retirement”.  He was in the petroleum business for 23 years, and even after his retirement continued to assist periodically.  The ‘bulk plant / warehouse’ was located initially on West Chavez Avenue, along the railroad tracks directly across from the current Rail-runner location, and remained there until 2008, when it relocated to 407 South 1st Street.

The Growing years:

In 1946 Benny L. Hodges joined the Company, at the conclusion of WWII, where he served honorably in the ‘Pacific Theater’, in a Navy ‘Seabees’ regiment.  The elder Hodges assumed the duties as Conoco’s commissioned agent until his untimely death in December 1969.  His son says, “my father grew up on a farm (cotton & produce) in Oklahoma, and always had a very strong work and moral ethic.  He believed that honesty and hard work were ideals to be honored and valued.”  Those are character traits that we still try to emulate and aspire too in today’s business environment.  We strongly value, long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers. 

The current CEO Benny Hodges (son), was serving in the ’Central Highlands’, Republic of Vietnam as an ‘infantry officer’, when he was notified of his father’s illness.  Upon his return, he found that his Benny Hodges CEO and Presidentfather was gravely ill, and that his brain tumor, was for all intensive purposes, incurable.  Upon the death of his father he became the 3rd generation involved in the business, and became the youngest ‘commissioned agent’ in the country for Continental Oil Company.  

“This was not what I had in mind for my future, or career, but forty-three years later here I still am!”  He recalls that, “there was great hesitation both for me, and Conoco.  Because I knew all of the customers (I worked with my dad summers, holidays and Saturdays, as a kid), I thought that I was prepared.  “I had no idea how little I knew or how unprepared that I was!”  Because of my lack of experience and young age, Conoco also had doubts (well placed doubts, indeed).   In spite of mine, and their reservations, I was appointed in January 1970, and remained a ‘consignee’ until 1978 when Conoco, decided to sell all of their assets and abandon their ‘commissioned agency’ business model, and turn instead to the use of ‘wholesale distributorships’ 

Thus in November of 1978, with the assistance of Ranchers Banks and guidance of Henry Jaramillo, along with the encouragement of my mother and siblings, I was able to purchase the assets from Conoco – and so began Hodges Oil Company.  “The learning curve was steep and the evolution has been great.  The nature of the business barely resembles what it did when I began.” 

Where we're going:

“The regulatory community has evolved and grown, and now pretty much regulates every aspect of this business; the banking/financial community has greatly changed; and so have the oil companies themselves, and the way that they do business.  The one portion of the business that has not changed, however, is the customer…they are the one steady, bright aspect to this business.  We still have a number of customers (or at least their survivors), that we have done business with, for as far back as I can remember.  I view them not only as customers, but also as friends.  They deserve both my friendship and respect, and to be treated fairly and equitably with quality products that are competitively priced and delivered in a timely and safe manner.  I believe, as did my father and grandfather before him, that what sets us apart from our competition, and the one thing that we really have to sell is customer service, and caring.


Hodges Oil Company still operates primarily in the middle Rio Grande corridor, but have expanded our area of service and trade in Socorro, Bernalillo and Torrance counties.  While our customer base is varied, it is still heavily weighted towards the agricultural community.  We handle & deliver a number of offerings of ‘light oils’ (gasoline’s and diesel’s), as well as a complete line of lube oils and greases.  “We still pride ourselves on, and take great pride and pains to provide quality products, that are competitively priced, with a special emphasis on customer service.  If the customer requires it….we want to ‘go that extra mile’ to satisfy our customer’s needs.”


Recently joining the firm is Benny’s youngest daughter, Alexandra Hodges.  “I am delighted to have her come in, and want to help guide and manage Hodges Oil. She brings a fresh perspective and a new energy level.”  She comprises the 4th generation to participate (although all three of her brothers have, in the past also been involved) in a long and colorful past.  She is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and wanted to come back to Belen & New Mexico to be a part of our family business, and community.   “She, like I, grew up in this business and is anxious and excited about the possibilities for the future”.


“My wife, Mary Ellen, and I recently bought the former Belen Society Cleaners, most recently the Belen Print Shop located at 201 West Reinken Ave. in Belen.  It will be the new administrative office of Hodges Oil Company, Inc.  We are anxious to occupy this newly remodeled facility.  We have really needed to expand our office for several years now, and I am certain that it will be beneficial not only to our operation, and to enhance our ability to provide greater customer service, while simultaneously being a credit to the Belen/Valencia County business community!


The Administrative Office of Hodges Oil Company, Inc. has recently changed locations.  We have just finished moving into a newly renovated more spacious, and we believe more pleasing office, located at 201 West Reinken Avenue, in Belen, NM.  We would like to invite you to come visit us at this new location.  We also have two bulk-plant locations with which to serve you. The first is located in Belen NM, at 407 South First Street, and the second is in Socorro, NM, at 716 Bagley Street.

For your convenience, and in addition to the bulk-plants, we also maintain a comprehensive oil and lubricants inventory at the administrative office (in packages smaller than 55-gallon drums.)  

The Hodges Oil Company’s administrative office staff is comprised primarily of five individuals:

Team Bio:

Dianne GabaldonDiann Gabaldon Office Manager: She is probably the individual that you will want to talk to about pricing, ordering, dispatching, and most day-to-day issues.  She is outgoing, knowledgeable and personable and has a terrific sense of what “customer service” is all about!  You can reach Dianne personally at 505-864-8611, Ext. #101;  by fax at 505-864-7344; or by e-mail at diann.g@hodgesoilco.com.

Alexandra HodgesAlexandra Hodges is the newest and youngest member of the office staff and is in training to become the general manager for Hodges Oil.  She also is outgoing and personable, and is probably the individual you may want to talk to if you have questions or require clarification about your individual account.  She also handles the environmental reporting requirements.  You can reach Alexandra (she prefers Alex) also at 505-864-8611, Ext. #102; by fax at 505-864-7344; or by e-mail at alex.h@hodgesoilco.com.

Mary Ellen HodgesMary Ellen Hodges is in charge of handling all of the Accounts Payable, Credit Card reconciliations, and some of the past-due / problem accounts receivables.  She is always polite and extremely effective at whatever task she undertakes.  She is also the one individual who keeps us all on task.  You can reach Mary Ellen at 505-864-8611, Ext. #103; by fax at 505-864-7344; or by e-mail at maryellen.h@hodgesoilco.com.


Benny HodgesBenny Hodges is the President and CEO of Hodges Oil Company, Inc.  He is the individual that handles most of the issues that may require special attention; the banking and supplier relationships; oversees mergers, acquisitions, purchasing, and any other forthcoming challenges.  If there is an issue that exists for which you feel that you were un-justly or un-fairly dealt with, Benny is the one that you would want to reach.  He may be reached at 505-864-8611, Ext. #104; by fax at 505-864-7344; or by e-mail at benny.h@hodgesoilco.com


Norbert Sandoval has just come on board as the Hodges Oil Company, Inc. lead outside salesman!  Hodges Oil is delighted to have Norbert join us.  He brings in excess of 40 years of petroleum experience, specializing in lubricants.  Norbert also may be reached at the administrative office; by cell phone #505-504-4796; or by e-mail at norbert.s@hodgesoilco.com

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