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New Offices

 Hodges Oil Company offices, 201 West Reinken Avenue Belen, New Mexico USA

Hodges Oil Company Operators and Benny Hodges President and CEO of Hodges Oil Company

Hodges Oil Company

For customers that require small deliveries or have access problems to delivery sites, our fleet includes these vehicles.

Bulk Plant

Benny Hodges at the Hodges Oil Company bulk plant.

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Established 1923

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Product Catalog

Hodges Oil Product Offerings:

Hodges Oil offers a complete selection of quality petroleum fuels, oils & lubricants for your personal vehicle; your agricultural equipment; your industrial equipment; your tractor-trailers; your commercial equipment; and any specialty needs that you may have!

Our product line includes, but is not limited to:
Quality gasoline's - of all grades - Conventional & Oxygenated;

Quality diesel fuels - both Dyed & Undyed;

A complete line of Oils,( in all weights, sizes, & prices) - utilizing Conoco, Chevron, Shell, Sinclair, Valvoline, Mystic, & Western brands.

Our Oil & Lubricant offerings include complete lines of:
Motor Oils (straight weight & multi-viscosity)
Hydraulic Oils (multiple viscosity's)
Combination Hydraulic-Transmission Oils
Mineral Oils
Vacuum Pump Oils
Specialty Oils
Gear Lubricants (multiple viscosity's)
Chassis Lubes (various grades, manufacturers, & applications)
Wheel-Bearing Lubes
Floor Dry
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Brake Fluid
Starter Fluids
Diesel Treat

We additionally stock, for your convenience, a complete line of hoses; nozzles; cut-off valves; tank gauges; fuel tank & pump filters; & hose' breakaways'!

Any of these items may be picked up at our Administrative Office, one of our Bulkplants, - or delivered!!!


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